"Evolution the world", Interview with Mr.Wizard & MarkMan on the Vision and Outlook.


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"Evolution the world", Interview with Mr.Wizard & MarkMan on the Vision and Outlook.

"EVO Japan" --full title "Evolution Championship Series Japan" was officially announced on Press Conference session held at Tokyo Game Show 2016 (TGS 2016).

Remind you the official announce, the first EVO Japan will be coming in January 2018, operated by Triple Perfect Inc., original Evolution organizers and EVO Japan LLP, joint company of Hearts United Group Co.,Ltd. Shochiku Broadcasting Co.,Ltd. and Aetas Inc(4Gamer.net).

At the last day of TGS 2016, 4Gamer.net made an interview with Joey "Mr.Wizard" Cuellar and Mark "MarkMan" Julio again. As followings, 4Gamer.net IS A PART OF EVO Japan, was hard to go on, but in this session we took part as "personal" to hear about visions and outlooks of EVO Japan.

Also we have some EVO Japan reports from TGS 2016. Sorry first that each of them are in Japanese, but we are happy if those make sense to you.


EVO Japan official Site

Evolution from Las Vegas, Japan, and next, to the World.

Thanks you for having your time again. Joining at the EVO Japan press conference at the first day, and now today is the last day of TGS 2016. How was your event?

Joey "Mr.Wizard" Cuellar (Mr.Wizard):
Each of events are almost the same that many Game Industry peoples appears on Business day. But I was surprised that on Public day, I saw from my room at the morning there was a long line, and a while later there was still a long long line even a hour later from the show opened.

* TGS is a 4 day event. First 2 days is for Developers, Publishers, and Distributers, Last 2 days is for Public.

Major event like E3 is going to be a largest "business convention" event, that might be the difference with TGS 2016. So how about the EVO Japan press conference?

Well... It was very different experience for us! Because usually original EVO is more "casual". We do not set press conference, so we had to prepare and set up for this time.

At the press conference, there was some announcement held. 1: First EVO Japan will be coming on January 2018. 2: Locations will be announced on January 2017. 3: Main titles will be announced on upcoming EVO 2017, and 4: Pre-EVO Japan will coming within 2017.

Japanese gamers reacted almost favorably at the first announcement, how about the gamers who are in all over the world?

Mark "Markman" Julio(MarkMan):
There were a few negative responses, but I checked it is mostly positive. Most of the hot topics in discussion is "When, Where, and Which Game". EVO Japan might be the first experience to visit Japan for almost all gamers, so there were interested and exciting now.

Honestly, what will be the best "When, Where, and Which Game"? And what do you think about the progress right now.

Well, the final decision is up to yours, EVO Japan LLP (laugh)!
But seriously, there is still some major problems, like legally issues, main title selections which the players all over the world can get excited to join and watch. We have to face it and clear each cases after back home.

That's why you set the first EVO Japan at one and a half years later.

Exactly. For example, about Evolution on Las Vegas, most important thing is to select the Location. Of course Las Vegas is unmovable location, but "Which place" is very sensitive. After next is to set the schedule, and the titles will come. If this three is cleared, all other issues will be easier to handle.

Especially, at EVO Japan has a critical issue, the Prize.
And also the license and broadcasting rights is based on the law of Japan.
Our original EVO has already cleared those, but we have to check from the basic and solve each of them with EVO Japan LLP. That's why we need more time.

Understand. By the way MarkMan, at the conference you were announced as "Global Business Development Manager" on Triple Perfect Inc. What is your main part?

Well... I can't talk much about the details. Those are still in top secret, but it's very exciting and similar to my game industry career. At Triple Perfect, my main role is to work with the Developers and Publishers, and to make EVO brand more big and exciting to feed back to the communities.

Your resignment MadCatz, and joining EVO was a shocking news.

As you watch EVO at Las Vegas, you might feel that to make the Fighting Game Community larger, we have to joint much more companies which wants to join into the game business, not only the large Publishers. I believe in that is my mission.

So EVO Japan will be a turning point to make Community more large.

Yes. Our missions in EVO Japan is to get more people to know "Evolution", which we have worked for 20 years. And to surely succeed, we will offer our experience, and sometimes we'll do by ourselves. So "EVO Japan Supervisor" might be correct.

At the conference, Noriyuki Kaneko (right: as knows as "hameko" -Chairman of EVO Japan Executive Committee-) announced the concept and the policy "Unite the Communities". To open the community-based tournaments. two major community chairman, Hiroaki Inaba (left: Co-leader of GODSGARDEN) and Fusuke Toyota (center: Chairman of TOPANGA) has joined to the committee.

I see. Next question is about Triple Perfect Inc. Why did you take this name, and what is the difference from SRKX managing Shoryuken.com.

It's means from "Three times perfect wins" similar to Fighting game.
And also there is double meanings.
About 10 years ago when EVO was not so much big as now, very first company rans EVO was named "Double Perfect". Came from two main members (*). And now I joined, so now we've evolved to Triple.

* Tom Cannon & Tony Cannon, Co-Founder of Shoryuken and EVO. Also known as creator of GGPO, ex: Radiant Entertainment, and currently on Riot Games.

Let us hear about EVO 2016 on last July. If I remember correctly, this was the first time which the tournament held in two different locations. Especially the FINALS was extremely large hall.

Reason is simple. The numbers of entry became too large for the capacity.
We already had a problem of the capacity cause EVO grew up and up every year became too large. And this year, "Street Fighter V"(PS4 / PC) has made a breaking number (over 5,000) of entries. So we had to cover in haste. Finally, we decide to set two locations. That was our best choice.

We know there was a many pros and cons. It's a hustle to move different places in that short time, and truly there was a few people who came to first hall at the final day. We understand that everyone might not completely satisfied, and we can't please everybody. But we had to go on at that timing.

Mandalay Bay Events Center was the stage for EVO 2016 FINALS.

For example, is there a possibility of separating the location at EVO Japan?
Especially in Tokyo, there is much more limited places than Las Vegas.

It's truly hard to separate the locations, but it's a challenge if the tournament becomes more hype and exciting. Anyway it's just an idea for now.

Back to the announcement reaction, we've got very good response from the Fighting Game Community of course, but other communities like Puzzle Game and Card Game Players seems to be interest in EVO Japan. What do you think about opening "another genre" tournament at EVO?

Only answer we have is "NO LOCK-OUT AT EVO". If it's good to play, and good to watch, any title will be welcome. For my personal opinion, there's a "table flipping game" at Japanese arcade, it might be fun to watch (laugh).

As a result in EVO 2006, "Mario Kart DS" was one of the Main tournament. So if your favorite game is not selected, just call your friends, take the free space, and set up your own tournament or start a free-match by your own. It's fun, isn't it?

Yes, I think so too. Now, let up move to the last question. May I have a message for the many and many fans all over the world, who are counting on upcoming EVO and EVO Japan.

I've been to many Japanese Fighting Game events in the past, so I know that the Japanese community is very passionate and very strong, and they are willing for shocking events. My goal to make sure that we are working closely with those type of people to make sure that EVO Japan is the best and unique event for all Japanese and every player in the world.

Evolution is an event, which was succeed for many players come out and play. Our work is to keep support them, and we cannot support the community which doesn't stands.
January 2018 is a little far schedule, but I hope many players will join us and have fun at EVO Japan!

Thank you very much for your time!

--Text & Photo by Tetsuya Inamoto, translated by Yusuke Asaba

EVO Japan official Site

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